Getting Ready for Summer – Testing Some Day Out Ideas

The summer holidays are nearly upon us and the sun is shining.

We’ve been trying out some cheap and cheerful day out ideas that will keep the little ones entertained over the holidays and won’t break the bank!

If you have any suggestions of free or low costs days out or places in the UK that you would recommend visiting please tell us in the comments below.


Keep it Simple – A Trip to the Park

On a glorious summers day the little ones will love a trip to the park.

This is great for mums and dads as it’s free to do and often within walking distance so there’s no need to factor in transport costs. All you may need to buy is a little cooling treat from the ice cream van.

Take a picnic and make a day of it, if it’s really sunny don’t forget the sun cream.

As well as a children’s play area many parks have free to use tennis courts, basket ball courts/hoops and some even have skateboarding ramps so it really can appeal to all ages of children.


Nature Walks

You could combine this with a trip to the park or country park or make it a little trip out in itself.

As the seasons change there is a variety of plants and wildlife to see, so a nature walk could be a great way to pass a couple of hours and a wonderful way to spend some quality time with the kids and for younger children introduce them to new plants and animals and teach them new words. It’s also a great way to get some fresh air and exercise.

Blue dragonfly

Spotting a dragonfly

On a recent visit to Moses Gate country park just outside Bolton, my two and half (nearly three) year old was absolutely captivated with all the new flowers and wildlife that we came across and got really excited when he ‘discovered’ a plant or animal that he had not seen before.

Toddler Pointing out plants - Copy

Next time we go I may take a picture sheet of plants and animals that we are likely to see so we can tick them off as we go along.

Tree covered in little mushrooms

Tree covered in little mushrooms

Local Museums

If you live near a city or town centre there are bound to be some museums or places of interest to visit. Most of the museums in the UK are free to visit. Sometimes museums may charge a fee if they are hosting a temporary collection.

There is such a wide variety of museums to visit, whether your interested in art, history, science or transport there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Here’s a link to Visit Britain with a list of their favourites

However if you look a little closer to home you may just find somewhere that the kids will enjoy. We’re based in the North West of England and being close to Bolton I decided to take a little trip to Bolton Museum There wasn’t a huge amount to see as it’s not a large place but there was still enough for a toddler to get excited about and hopefully create an interest in learning for the future!

My son was very impressed with the dinosaur replica skeletons.

Dinosaur Skull Replica

Dinosaur Skull Replica

Dinosaur Skeleton Replica

Dinosaur Skeleton Replica

And also the large animal and insect section of the museum

Wolf - Gonna get you!

Wolf – Gonna get you!

Morpho Butterfly



Although my son was a little young to appreciate these things there was also a  floor dedicated to local history including the industrial revolution and small art gallery exhibiting paintings and artwork from local artists past and present as well as small historical exhibit featuring ancient Egypt.

Egyptian mummy

Egyptian Section – Bolton Museum

The museum also had it’s own very small aquarium!

Fish at Bolton Aquarium

Fish at Bolton Aquarium


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  1. I found this really interesting. I try to do as much with Lucas as I can when I’m not working. We call our nature trails ‘Bear Hunts’ and we’re lucky to live near to 3 museums; one of which is free which we often go to as it has loads of ‘frozen’ animals (stuffed). Goes to prove, you don’t need to spend loads of money to entertain out Little Big People. Fab post x Popping over from