Keeping the Kids Entertained Over The Summer Holidays – Part 2

Here is part 2 of our Keeping the Kids Entertained over the Summer holidays feature.

We hope you find some ideas and inspiration of thing to do with the little ones over the summer break.

If you have any suggestions of fun activities or great days out please tell us in the comments below.


Bake Day

Sailing Themed Cookies

Article by Sally Hall,

Baking is a great way to entertain the little ones and gives you the added bonus of producing something yummy at the end of it, as long as you don’t mind being left with a little bit of mess!

Cookies are a great option as they cook and cool quickly meaning by the time you have enlisted the assistance of your little helper to clear up from making the dough, it’ll be time to decorate and make yet more mess.  And you can pick up some great cookie cutters which make it even more fun.  Throw some cranberries or raisins into the mix and you may even be able to persuade any fussy little eaters to eat some fruit too!

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Fun with photos

Toy Passport

Article by Sarah Woods – Fab Rings

Photos deserve to be used so much more than just being stuck on a shelf gathering dust (or perhaps that’s just in my house!?). Children love to look at pictures of people and places they are familiar with, which makes them a great resource to use for some fun activities. The following are just a few ideas of how you can use photos with children, but there are so many possibilities, and with digital cameras and editing software it’s easier than ever to experiment and have fun with photos.

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How to Make Heart Biscuits with a Glass Effect Centre

Could be really fun to make with kids on a rainy day!

Article by More Than Mummies

Glass Heart Biscuits

Simple biscuits with a ‘glass’ centre, would make lovely gifts, fab at a tea party or really cute for Valentine’s Day!

I originally saw something similar on Pinterest with stars but thought hearts would make a wonderful alternative and would make great wedding favours too!

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Entertaining the Kidlets on a Budget

Dolls House

Article by Hannah Davey,

So, we’ve hardly had chance to recover from the Easter holidays, and already we’re dreading the imminent summer holidays in which our darlings are able to accompany us for six whole weeks. As much as we love them, by the end of each break we can’t help but feel slightly relieved that school has taken them back, and while we’re still finding all sorts of muck around the house and fixing ornaments that were once on the wall, we’re left wondering what on earth will happen during the eternal summer holiday, if this could have happened in the space of 2 weeks.

Some of us are lucky enough to have some time off with our little ones during the summer, but by the time it comes around each year, most of us are wishing we were back at work. Of course we feel slightly guilty at this thought, but while the kids are busy bouncing off the walls and pulling each other’s hair out, any place other than home sounds like heaven.

Most of us can usually think of a few activities to begin with, though, and they seem brilliant, and the kids think they’re brilliant too… By the third week of the holidays, however, they’re happier jumping on each other and breaking each other’s toys, and these original ideas are apparently no longer fun.

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And here’s one to help the Mumpreneurs through the summer holidays!


Not long now! How to keep your business ticking over when the school holidays kick off

Article by My Virtual Sidekick

As someone who works with a lot of Mumprenurs, I know that managing a business as a Mum is a super doopa monster challenge (to put it mildly!)

A spare hour to get things done can seem like a mythical creature that slips into your grasp every now and again before doing a runner and scurrying back to hiding. It may make another appearance later that day. Or maybe it won’t. Life is hard to predict when kiddies are in the picture.

If your little’uns are school aged, you’ve likely perfected a routine to make the most of the school day when they’re keeping their teachers on their toes. But with the school holidays looming and teachers ready to jet off for some sunshine – those little scraps of time are going to be increasingly hard to come by…

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