More Than Mummies Reviews…Stamptastic Name Stamps

As my first child is due to start pre-school this September I was really interested in an email I received from Stamptastic to do a review of their personalised name stamps and was happy to accept.

The stamp can be  used on metal, wood, plastic and (most importantly for me as I can’t sew for love nor money!) fabric. Just looking through the long list of school uniform and P.E. kit that I need to purchase over the summer if I can mark all my child’s new, not to mention expensive and would hate for him to lose, school attire easily and clearly I will be one happy mummy!

The stamp is made up with your child’s name and you can also purchase an inkpad through Stamptastic. When ordering through their website you enter the name required in the text box and then you have the option of 3 different fonts and 7 different sizes, perfect for if you have limited space on labels or for longer names.

Stamptastic Ink Pad and Stamper

Stamptastic Ink Pad and Stamper

The ink available from Stamptastic is permanent and doesn’t wash out so be sure about where you want your stamp to appear before stamping!


I tried the stamp on a variety of materials…

I used the stamp on a fabric school bag:

Name on Fabric


A fabric sandal strap:

Name on Shoe


A plastic lunchbox lid:

Name on Plastic


And to be thorough wooden spoon:

Name on Wooden Spoon


I was really impressed with how easy the stamps were to use, I don’t have a super steady hand but each one I did on the various surfaces came out really clear. I would probably need to practice a little before using it on a surface that wasn’t quite flat but I’m sure to have plenty opportunities to master it over the next couple of months!

I would also imagine that the stamps will be a great way to personalise ownership of any textbooks as my child gets older too!

For anyone one who’s not keen on sewing in numerous labels, ironing on names or writing names in marker pen this is a great solution.

I will definitely be using this stamp and I’m sure it will save me both time and stress when preparing for my little one’s start at pre-school!

And I look forward to seeing what else I can find in the house to test it out on, there will be stamps everywhere! :)


Review by Jill Westhead,

Disclosure: Stamptastic sent us a complimentary stamp to test and review. All views expressed are that of the reviewer.


Stamptastic are currently offering our readers a 20% discount by using code MTM13 – expires 31st August 2013

Prices start from £8 per stamp and £10 per inkpad.

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