Wall Stickers – A Fun and Easy Way to Decorate a Child’s Bedroom

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Why Wall Stickers?

Over the last few years wall stickers have become common place in children’s bedrooms. But why is this and what are the advantages of using wall stickers?

The popularity of wall stickers is down to several features, firstly they are easy to apply, you don’t need glue or paste as with wall paper and there is no mess. All you need is a clean wall and of course the stickers of your choice!

Secondly they are removable and reusable, this means if you put the stickers up and decide you don’t like where you’ve put them, you can simply peel them off and start again. Secondly they are easy to replace once your child has outgrown them or wants a change. With more and more people living in rented accommodation or smaller first homes than in the past there is a high chance that a move will be on the cards, as wall stickers don’t mark the walls they are the ideal decorative accessory. When you move you might want to keep an element of familiarity in your child’s bedroom, if so you can simply apply your existing stickers to their new wall.

What’s more wall stickers are a cheap option especially compared to wallpaper. In a time when money is tight wall stickers give you an option to customise your child’s nursery, bedroom or playroom within your budget, you can find stickers from a few pounds up. Why not start with one pack and then add complementary stickers for a special occasion such as your child’s birthday or Christmas.

Wall stickers are suitable for children of all ages and even adults. For young babies why not start with something to stimulate their development such as bright shapes and colours. As they get older you can move onto something more educational including animals, letters and numbers, or how about their favourite cartoon character. For older children try something more artistic or for girls how about flowers and butterflies or something football or sport related for boys. If you are looking for something more practical too there are many chalkboard, calendar and dry erase wall stickers out there so you can help your children plan their homework or revision or use them for your to-do lists.

This step by step guide shows just how easy it is to apply wall stickers

Before you begin decide how and where you are going to position your wall stickers. Even if they have been arranged one way in the photo on the packaging or in the instructions it doesn’t mean you have to do the same, these are your stickers so let yours and your child’s imagination run wild. For older children especially this will help then feel as if they have played a part in decorating the room. Just remember to wait at least three weeks after painting the wall and not to place them above a radiator as the heat can loosen the glue and cause them to peel off.

Step 1

Wipe down the wall to ensure it is clean and dust free.

Step 1 - Ensure Wall is clean


Step 2

Carefully peel the stickers off the backing paper, it is easiest to do this on a flat surface such as the table or even the floor.

Step 2 - Peel Stickers Off Paper


Step 3

You are now ready to apply your stickers to the wall, gently place them on the wall.

Step 3 - Place of Wall


Step 4

Smooth the stickers over to remove any air bubbles, you might find that it is easiest to use a credit card to do this. Once you have added one sticker if your child is old enough why not let them help too.

Step 4 - Smooth Down


Step 5

Stand back and check your handy work!

Step 5 - Admire Handy Work


If you are not happy with how you have placed them or you fancy a change, simply peel the stickers off and start again!

Step 6 - Remove & Reapply


Fun, mess free and the children will love the results!



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  1. very informative article and I love your imagery, bookmarking your website as we speak lol xx

  2. Thanks for sharing those easy steps! I am sure readers of this blogs will get a lot of got stuff from reading it. I really love wall stickers because they can lift the mood of your entire space. Just having to choose a great design for your room is essential.