Get the Kids Gardening this Summer

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Gardening is a fun hobby that can be enjoyed by all ages, and it has become an increasingly popular and inexpensive way for parents to enjoy some family time through teaching their own children how to garden. Gardening can not only help children to learn about wildlife, but can also help them to become responsible through letting them be in charge of the maintenance for certain plants. Here are just a few easy tips on having a summer of gardening fun with your kids…

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Get the Right Tools

One way of making gardening instantly enjoyable for children is to kit them out with gardening tools. There are a number of retailers that offer gardening equipment for kids such as gloves, watering cans, trowels and spades. Choose garden tools in fun and bright colours so that they will know the difference between their tools and Mum and Dad’s garden tools.


Choose Plants that are Easy to Grow

To encourage children during their first venture in gardening, it is advisable to choose plants that are easy to grow. This will help beginner gardeners to build their confidence. A few examples of easy to grow plants include tomatoes, lettuces, sunflowers and pansies.


Teach Children how to Grow Food

If you have space in your garden, you may want to add a greenhouse so that children can start to learn about growing their own food. Greenhouses allow you to grow everything from herbs and vegetables and by growing your own food you will be able to teach children the value of money while encouraging healthy eating through growing everything from cucumbers to tomatoes – kids are certain to want to taste their greenhouse creations once they are ripe. Online discount store TJ  Hughes have a great range of cheap greenhouses perfect for the job.


Continue Gardening when Summer Ends

Gardening isn’t just about the summer months, when the temperatures begin to drop make sure you continue your child’s newfound love for gardening by bringing potted plants into the home. There are a number of different plants that can easily thrive indoors, and these plants will help your child to keep up with their watering responsibilities while helping them to learn about a complete new range of plant life.



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