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If you’re currently pregnant, whether it be your first baby or your fourth, choosing a name for your baby can be both daunting and fun. It can lead to hours of debate with the other half, many giggles with your friends and family and a huge amount of consideration.

What’s in a name?

Shakespeare famously wrote “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet.”

But is that true?

Rightly or wrongly it has been suggested that people are sometimes judged on their name, and positive and negative pre-conceptions of someone’s background, status and even personality can be made just by a first name.

Whether you agree with this or not every parent wants the best for their children and one of the first decisions a parent makes is deciding what name to give their beautiful new baby, and this name will stay with them for the rest of their lives. No pressure!

Some people may have had their future children’s names in mind for years, maybe a name of a  relative or ancestor who they regard highly, maybe someone they admire, or perhaps the name of a celebrity or fictional character or simply a name they have always liked the sound of. If you’ve already decided on your child’s name then that’s a big decision sorted (unless you still have to convince the other half!)

But if you’ve not yet decided what to name the next member of your family and their arrival is rapidly approaching, Baby Names 2014 by Ella Joynes published by White Ladder Press has a comprehensive list of boys and girls names.

Baby Names 2014 by Ella Joynes

Contemporary, traditional or unique this book contains over 7,000 of the nation’s favourite names, and split into separate sections for boys and girls and listed alphabetically the book is easy to navigate and the addition of where the name has derived from is a lovely touch.

The book also contains some great tips when choosing a name, my favourite is ‘Do NOT pick the name of an ex’, very sound advice! One however I’m not so sure I agree with is the use of apps, we tried this when we were expecting our son and the app’s recommendation was Roy, now that’s fine but his surname would be Boyes! Roy Boyes, hmmm….I don’t think so!

In 2013 the top baby name are Harry for a boy and Amelia for a girl but what will top the charts for 2013. Updated every year the 2014 version contains the most popular names of the moment, and I wonder how strongly George will feature when the charts are updated following the birth of the Royal Baby?

Whether for yourself or a thoughtful gift for parents to be the book will provide inspiration as well as hours of fun and contemplation in the quest for the perfect name for a new baby.

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Disclosure: More Than Mummies was sent a complimentary copy of this book to review. All views expressed are that of the reviewer.


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