Ever wished you could afford a Jeeves? – With Sooqini, you now can!

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Work-Life balance has become something of a national concern and many Londoners may receive higher wages than the rest of the UK – though long commutes often allow considerably less time to spend on their personal lives. As a result, concierge-style services have proliferated over the years, yet generally, only the more affluent members of society can afford it. We also cannot all afford our own personal assistant or butler, no matter how much we relish Downtown Abbey…so what is the answer?


Well…Sooqini’s just launched its new service to help Londoners fight the time crunch without pinching wallets too tightly – so a big hello to “Sooqini Silver Service”. This new initiative managed by Sooqini, is an online-based service where Sooqini’s team of Personal Assistants can arrange any of the tasks at the client’s budget on a lean monthly subscription basis.


Unlike many costly concierge-style services, the PAs use Sooqini’s online platform to crowdsource selected tasks to its community of 15,000+ local, vetted sellers – within the client’s budget and terms. Moreover, the scope of tasks and errands covered is not limited to only PA-type requests; Sooqini Silver Service will also manage your daily and household chores.  Whatever it is – cleaning, gardening or new experiences like finding someone to teach you Chinese or how to cook a risotto – Sooqini gets stuff done while you get on with what you need to do.


Typical tasks that we see lightening people’s days include £20 for uploading 100 business card contacts to Outlook, £10 per hour for organising and documenting receipts, £30 for a 3-hour cleaning job, £20 per hour for an accountant and £10 for finding the cheapest electricity supplier.


“Sooqini’s aim is to be the place to get stuff done for everyone, whether the man on the street who needs his shirts ironed, or a business that needs its accounts done. And everything we do is based on trust, so you know you can have faith in the people buying and selling services on Sooqini,” commented Sooqini founder and CEO Raj Singh.


Subscription starts at £25 per month for 5 tasks managed by the Sooqini PA team and increases with more work.


For further details on Sooqini Silver Service visit http://sooqini.com/personal-assistant

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