Get Active this winter: Top 5 Winter Exercise Ideas

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With darker nights and dropping temperatures, it can be quite difficult to muster up some motivation to exercise during the winter. Even if you are a regular runner, the sight of a gloomy (and often rainy) evening isn’t going to encourage you to go out for that run. Rather than skip exercise and hibernate till spring, why not keep yourself active throughout the colder season by having a go at our top 5 winter exercise ideas…


1) Sweat it out at Bikram

Forget the cold and enjoy yoga in sauna temperatures with Bikram yoga. Perfect for those experienced with yoga or for beginners, Bikram Yoga is performed in studios with the temperatures as high as 42°C. The higher temperatures are said to assist stretching – allowing you to stretch further and longer than before, while sweating is believed to help rid the body of toxins.


2) Take on the wall

If you’re thinking about mixing up your exercise routine this winter, rock climbing is just the ticket. No, we’re not talking about taking to the mountain peaks of Snowdon or Ben Nevis but rather tackling an indoor rock climbing wall. Great for those who like a challenge, rock climbing has a number of health benefits including boosted cardiovascular health along with helping you tone muscles that you never even knew you had!


3) Hit the ice

It wouldn’t be winter without having a go at some seasonally apt forms of fitness and what better way to get in the winter spirit than by trying out ice skating. Not only is ice skating great fun, beginners to ice skating can burn up to 450 to 600 calories an hour, with pro speed skaters burning a colossal 950 calories an hour!


4) Swim yourself fit

Unlike outdoor sports, swimming is a form of exercise that can be enjoyed all year round. Swimming is also an inexpensive type of exercise as all you need is a swimming costume and goggles, and you are ready to go! There are a number of retailers that offer a great range of women’s costumes that are designed to flatter as well as provide style and comfort – perfect for keeping your confidence up as you swim.


5) Dance it off

One way to shake off the winter blues is to shake those hips at a Zumba class. With so many devotee Zumba-ers across the world, it is easy to see why people love this dancing workout: great soundtrack to dance to, huge calorie burn and improved muscle tone as well as stress relief benefits!


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