Mirror Moments!

Claire has kindly allowed us to share her poem about the joys she finds in her profession as a face painter. A wonderful and inspiring example of how turning what you enjoy doing into a career can bring such satisfaction!

By Claire Guest, Fascinating Faces



Special “mirror moments” are what makes every face painter’s day!  Thought I’d share a few of mine with you together with a little ditty I wrote some time back for Face to Face Magazine!




Oh little child upon my chair

Look up at me but please don’t stare

Close your eyes but don’t squeeze tight

Just gently like when you say “goodnight”

Mirror Moments 

Pirate? Princess? Tiger or Clown?

I’ll make your face the talk of the town

My sponge will dab and my brush will swirl

Stroke by stroke the design will unfurl

Children's Face Painting 

No, don’t peek yet, it’s not quite done

If you look just now you’ll spoil all the fun

A few star bursts and a couple more dots

A sprinkling of glitter will ensure you love it lots


Ok my sweet, your time has come

Open your eyes and see what you’ve become ….

A curious face in the mirror peers

A slight intake of breath then the smile appears!

Beautiful Facepainting 

That smile is the reason I love my job

The first one I saw almost made me sob

In this complicated world of sadness and woe

I carry my paint and glitter wherever I go

Spiderman Facepainting 

I hope I change lives in some teeny way

By bringing a smile to those having a bad day

For our mirror moments will always be

Unforgettable sights for all to see.


Claire Guest


About Claire Guest

Claire Guest is the Lead Artist and Owner of Fascinating Faces based in Camberley, Surrey. She set up the business 5 years ago after witnessing her daughter’s “mirror moment” after having her very first face paint. Fascinating Faces primarily cover Surrey and the surrounding counties but are always happy to help find someone further afield if needed (as well as other party entertainers such as balloon modellers etc). Claire has won several awards including Face Painter of the Year 2012 and is a Level 2 Accredited Member of FACE (Accredited Member of FACE ). She is also the South East Representative for FACE.



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fascinatingfaces
Blog: http://fascinatingfacesfacepainting.wordpress.com/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/guestygirl


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