Family Guide to Saving Energy in the Home

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From leaving the water running to forgetting to unplug appliances, there are plenty of ways that we all waste energy in the home. Saving energy in the home can benefit not only those pricey energy bills but also have a positive impact on global warming, teaching your children these simple energy saving tips, you can help them to learn about energy usage and the environment from an early age!

How the Kids can help to save energy in the home?


There are plenty of ways that you can teach children the importance of saving energy in the home, and there are so many things that your little ones can do to help


  • Remind children to turn off televisions, radios and CD players when they not using them.


  • If a child leaves a room, explain the importance of turning off the lights – if they are not planning on returning to this room.


  • Show children just how much water they waste when they run the tap while brushing their teeth – a good tip is to demonstrate the amount of water by filing up a container. This should teach them to only turn the tap on when they need to rinse.


  • Encourage your children to take a shower rather than a bath – a bath generally requires 30 – 50 gallons of water, while an average shower of four minutes simply uses 20 gallons of water.


How can you help to save energy in the home?

As adults we are just as guilty as our children for wasting unnecessary energy in the home. In addition to the simple steps listed, there are a number of other energy saving tips to help lower those expensive heating bills….

  • Check your circulator pump: Heating circulator pumps send warmth around a home. If you have an inefficient circulator pump, you could find that the pump is actually using far more energy than it should be. Replacing an inefficient D-Labelled circulator pump for an efficient EuP ready pump should see you benefiting in heating performance as well as lower heating bills – with savings of up to 80% in some cases! Many top brands including Grundfos offer energy efficient heating pumps so be sure to do your research and shop around before installing the pump in your home -visit Anchor Pumps online for more information.


  • Invest in Building Insulation: Building insulation fills the cavities of external walls and lines your loft with a barrier which works to keep warm air inside the home – meaning that heat stays trapped inside the home. Without effective insulation, homeowners may find that a lot of the heat that they are paying for is actually escaping from the property.



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