5 Great Fitness Gifts For Christmas

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When it comes to Christmas gifts, it can be easy to simply send a box of Chocolates to a friend or loved one. But for those friends who are on a health kick or thoroughly enjoy spending time in the gym – we’ve put together the top 10 gifts for fitness lovers this Christmas.



Ranging in price from £10 – £50, you are sure to find a suitable gift for your favourite fitness friends this Christmas;


Personal Training Session

Many local gyms offer great discounts on personal training sessions as Christmas approaches. Take advantage of these great offers and surprise your friend with a block of personal training sessions, ideal for starting the New Year with a bang.  Personal training sessions range in price from around £30 – £50 per session – contact your local gym for more information.


Yoga Mat

Stretching is extremely important when exercising regularly, so why not treat your friend to a useful yoga mat! Available from £9.99 online, this is a great affordable gift for Christmas.


Sports accessories

From sports watches for runners, to high quality swimming goggles and accessories for avid swimmers, there are a wide range of sports accessories on the market that make great Christmas gifts. Do your research prior to Christmas to find out which accessories your family member or friends already use and get an idea for the gift that would be best for them.


Sports Massage

Sports massages are ideal for relieving tension, muscle pain or sports injuries, and are a great treat for regular exercisers. Again, sports massages range in price across the country, with the average sports massage ranging between £25 -£50 per hour.


New Gym Kit

Gym clothes and training gear is a great gift for exercise enthusiasts. If you are worried about choosing the right size or style of gym wear for your friend, why not simply pick up a store gift card for your friend at a local sports clothing store – allowing them to spend their gift on their favourite items!





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