Sometimes you Just Need Something to Make you Smile!

Just a fun post!

We’re sure you will be able to relate to some of the images and words below and we hope they make you smile!


It’s crazy how kids can quickly master the TV remote


Mummy sorry that you're tired


Cleaning the house when you have children is like sweeping up leaves in a gale force wind


I'm 3...what's your excuse?


The quickest way to find out how much of a control freak you are is to let your toddler help you with something.


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  1. hahaha! All so very true x

  2. Erin Jones says:

    Oh so true, and I’m a complete control freak, won’t let my kids help me unless it’s something I don’t care about getting done.

  3. Lol! totally agree :D

  4. Kerry Edwards says:

    There’s definitely no point trying to keep a house pristine when you have kids, you’ll drive yourself insane! That’s my excuse anyway! Great post. X