Easy Foot and Handprint Card Tutorial


Footprint and Handprint Card

It was my husband’s birthday this week and true to form I left it until the last minute to get his birthday cards from me and my son. Having found a perfect one to send him from me, I really struggled to find one that I liked to send from our four year old son. None that were for sale in the shops seemed quite personal enough, so we decided to make our own hand and footprint card!

Really simple and effective and dad loved it!

You will need…

  • Blank Card
  • Paints and a paintbrush, we used watercolours from a tube but acrylic or poster paints would be even better, I just couldn’t find my acrylics!
  • Googly eyes
  • Marker pen for the mouth
  • And don’t forget some newspaper or scrap paper so you don’t get paint on your floor :)

Painting on Feet to make footprints

To make dad’s face, I painted some pink and brown paint on my son’s foot and toes using a large paintbrush. Then with my help, I got him to carefully place his foot onto the card and with my hand I gently put some pressure on his foot to help make the print.

We then repeated the process using his hand, this made a smaller face and we used yellow paint this time as my son has blonde hair.

Easy Footprint and Handprint card ideas

Once the paint had dried, I added some googly eyes and drew on a smiley mouth using a red Sharpie.

Footprint and Handprint Card for Dad

I did want to write ‘Happy Birthday, Dad’ on the front or ‘Daddy and Me’ but my four year old insisted we leave it blank!

If you need a quick and easy card to send from a little one, then this is just perfect, and apart from the slight tickling when I painted the paint on my son’s foot, he loved making this card too!

Would also make a fantastic fathers day card :)

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