How to Make Easy Lego Party Bags

When my son recently asked me for a Lego party for his upcoming birthday, I was happy to go ahead with his theme but worried about it becoming quite expensive! As well as trying to keep everything on a budget I also like to add some home made touches when planning a party as long as they’re simple, look good and don’t take up too much of my time.

One of the things I decided to do was make my own Lego themed party bags. I thought this would be a lovely touch and I couldn’t actually find any I wanted to buy.

If you’re planning a Lego themed party these are super easy and fairly cheap as all you need to buy are some plain paper yellow party bags and a black (and red if you’re doingseparate girl bags) marker pen.


make your own lego party bags

I got some plain yellow paper party bags, I didn’t want them to have a shiny waxy finish just paper so they could easily be drawn on. The ones I got were from Amazon and they were a little see through which I was initially disappointed with but turned out to be a benefit!

I printed off some suitable Lego face images which I found from a Google search. And simply placed them inside the party bag and traced the image with a black Sharpie. This is where the thinner paper party bags paid off!

How to make Lego party bags

Trace a face for lego party bags

DIY Lego Party Bags

I experimented with a couple of different styles of faces, and although my husband preferred the classic Lego face, I decided to stick with the new generation of Lego faces.

Lego Party Bags

However, to make things a little more fun, I decided to do a different design on the girls party bags.

Boys and Girls Lego Party Bags

The girls party bags were made exactly the same way, but this time just used a red marker for the lips.

My son loves them and now can’t wait for the party so he can give them out to his friends!



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