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Much to my son’s delight, More Than Mummies was asked by to review The Lego Movie DVD, and they kindly sent us a complimentary copy.


Over the summer my husband took my, then three year old, son to watch The Lego Movie at the cinema but on that occasion I decided to give it a miss as I wasn’t sure how much I would enjoy it. They are both crazy about Lego, they each have their own little collections and my son even had a Lego theme for his 4th birthday party. They both loved the movie at the cinema and were more than happy to sit with me while I watched it so I could write my review!

The Lego Movie Review

The Lego Movie features an ordinary Lego construction worker called Emmet (voiced by Chris Pratt) who mistakenly becomes hailed as the prophesied master builder who will save the universe from the evil Lord Business (voiced by Will Ferrell). Lord Business is on a mission to super glue all the Lego blocks in the universe together to create a perfect world of order and prevent Lego bricks being used for any designs or purposes that do not conform to their original instructions.

Emmet, with the help of tough girl Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Banks), the wizard Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman) and not forgetting Batman (Will Arnett), must defeat Lord Business before their Lego world is permanently glued together.

The movie is fast paced and is full of appearances by characters from other favourite films and t.v. shows. Everyone from Ninja Turtles, Superman and Han Solo! Even, in Lego form, an appearance from Abraham Lincoln and Shakespeare.

The catchy little ‘Everything is Awesome’ song that features throughout the movie is extremely catchy and, even a couple of days later, I find myself singing it around the house!

I think I initially wasn’t sure about the movie as I wondered if it would be a film with very little plot and more like an hour long Lego advert featuring numerous new sets and characters that my little boy would pester me for as soon as the end credits started rolling! I have to admit I was wrong. The story was engaging and fun to watch, and honestly, yes he does continually ask me for new Lego but I think he’d probably be doing that regardless of the film!

The Lego Movie is a great film for kids, especially if they love Lego, but it’s also really enjoyable for adults to watch. And I’m saying that after watching it three nights running due to my son’s insistence!

If you can wait until Christmas this would make a great present or stocking filler for any Lego fan, young or old! It is ‘Awesome’!


Review by Jill Boyes,

Disclosure: sent us a complimentary copy of The Lego Movie DVD to review. All views expressed are that of the reviewer.


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