Tuna Steak with Creamy Home Made Peppercorn and Chilli Sauce

One of the hardest things I find as a busy mum is deciding what to cook for dinner! My husband and I do share the cooking so it’s not all on me, but his chef duties usually take place at the weekend and generally involve a massive kitchen clean up operation afterwards!…If you’re reading…sorry my love…but it’s true!

After a long day the last thing I want to do is spend ages in preparing an evening meal and having lots of pans to wash up afterwards, but at the same time I love to experiment in the kitchen and have a go at making things from scratch.

On Wednesday, for the first time I decided to make my own creamy peppercorn and chilli sauce, I have in the past made it from a packet but have always found it really salty so was looking forward to making my own. My favourite thing to have with peppercorn sauce is tuna steaks but this sauce would also be great with beef steak or over pasta.


Tuna Steak with Creamy Home Made Peppercorn and Chilli Sauce



For the sauce:

  • 2 Tablespoons of coarsely ground black peppercorns (I prefer to use ground peppercorns as I hate biting the whole ones)
  • 1 Teaspoon dried chilli flakes – add less or more depending on how spicy you would like your sauce to be.
  • 1 Tablespoon of butter
  • 1 Tablespoon of plain flour
  • 300ml Semi-skimmed milk. Use cream if you prefer but I was trying to cut out some calories and it tasted just as good and the flour thickened the sauce up nicely.
  • A pinch of salt

Served with

  • 2 Tuna steaks, pan fried in vegetable oil and seasoned with a sprinkle of salt and ground black pepper.
  • Fries – I did cheat and used oven fries :)


Once the fries were in the oven and had about 1o minutes left to cook, the seasoned tuna steaks were pan fried.

Tuna, like beef steak can be cooked to your liking, seared, rare, medium or well done. This steak was cooked medium rare, well cooked on the outside but still a little bit pink in the middle. Once cooked, the steak was removed from the pan and placed on a plate and left to rest.

I mentioned earlier that I like to cut down on the washing up so I used the same frying pan to make the peppercorn sauce. The pan had a little oil and seasoning left from frying the tuna which I left in and used to add extra flavour to the sauce.

To the frying pan, I melted the butter and then added the coarse ground peppercorns and dried chilli flakes and let it simmer for a couple of minutes so the flavour of the pepper and the chilli’s could be released.

The pan was then briefly removed from the heat and the milk was stirred in. In order to thicken the sauce, gently stir in the plain flour and mix well to avoid lumps. Return to the heat and add salt to taste.

It will only take a couple of minutes for the sauce to thicken up and when you are happy with the consistency you are ready to go! Quick, easy and tasty!

Serve with fries, rice or salad.

Tuna Steak in Pepper Sauce


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