Eye Eye…It’s Friday!

As you probably know from the crafts we’ve published here on morethanmummies.com we love googly eyes! We’ve used them to make Leaf Monsters, Hand and Footprint cards and my personal favourite Cress Egg Heads. They always make me smile and I can never quite believe the transformation that occurs once you’ve stuck these wobbly little eyes!

Well today I was in a very silly mood, not sure why, will just blame it on the hormones :) but I decided to stick some google eyes on things around the house and hopefully brighten up my, my family’s and your day!

Fun with Googly Eyes

Here’s what happened…


Tetley Tea Folk, Tea Bags With Eyes

Tetley Tea Folk?!!

Shuttlecock Creature, Golf Ball Face

Love how this shuttlecock and golf ball look like little aliens!

Door Handle Face

Door handle face! :)

Cactus People

The cactus brothers

I have actually left the eyes on the door handle and the cactus to see if anyone notices when they get home!

Nail Varnish With Eyes

Nail Varnish Man

Wooden Spoon with Eyes

Spoon Dude


Shoe Elephant

Some kind of weird elephant shoe?!!

Ok, they don’t all work, but it was still lots of fun trying!

Googly eyed spiderman

Tried them on Spiderman but he still looks pretty cool!


I even tried adding some eyes to a chocolate digestive biscuit in the hope that it would make me not want to eat it!

Chocolate Digestive with eyes

Don’t Eat Me!!!

Although it was cute…it didn’t work!

Biscuit with eyes

Cute, but not cute enough not to eat!


Yes, I know it’s completely immature, but how boring would we be if we didn’t have a little fun sometimes!

Yay its friday


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