Leaf Monsters – Autumn Crafts

Today we went leaf collecting. On the way I asked my 4 year old son what we should make with our leaves, his (completely serious) response “Mummy, we should make an iPad”!

Now if anyone knows how to do this please let me know, I hate to disappoint him!

I was aiming to make a large collage but I think we’re a little too early in the season as there just weren’t enough good, colourful leaves around. So with the best examples of the ones we found I decided to use the googly eyes that I had left from making the foot and handprint card and turn our leaves into little monsters!

I bought the pack of googly eyes from ASDA and the pack contained eyes in a variety of sizes, perfect for this little craft!


Autumn Leaf Monsters

You will need…

  • Autumn Leaves
  • Googly Eyes
  • PVA Glue, or other multipurpose glue, if you’ve got a glue gun, that would work even better!
  • Paper to display leaf monsters on
  • A helpful child/children! :)

After a little session of leaf collecting with the afore mentioned child! Select the best leaves.

I chose the ones with the nicest colours and the ones which I thought would last the longest.

Autumn Leaves

We then decided which pairs of eyes would look best on which leaves.

Autumn Leaves and Googly Eyes

And arranged them in place before glueing.

Autumn Leaf Crafts

Once happy with our leaf monsters we stuck the eyes on and left them to dry before sticking the leaves to a sheet of paper.

Leaf Monsters

They look fun and effective and young children will really enjoy making these!

Googly Eyed Leaf People

When the leaves start to curl up and no longer look good, I intend to remove the eyes so they can be used for a future craft project, waste not want not!


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