Keeping the Kids Entertained Over The Summer Holidays – Part 2

Toy Passport

Here is part 2 of our Keeping the Kids Entertained over the Summer holidays feature. We hope you find some ideas and inspiration of thing to do with the little ones over the summer break. If you have any suggestions of fun activities or great days out please tell us in the comments below.   Bake Day Article by Sally Hall, … [Read more...]

Keeping the Kids Entertained Over The Summer Holidays – Part 1

Having fun making cookies

As the summer holidays as fast approaching we've had a little look through our archives for a few ideas and activities to keep the little ones entertained over the holidays. If you have any tips to keep the kids entertained and happy over summer without spending a fortune please tell us in the comments below :) Here are some of our favourite … [Read more...]

Wall Stickers – A Fun and Easy Way to Decorate a Child’s Bedroom

Step 5 - Admire Handy Work

Please note, highlighted text in this article redirects to the relevant product on the KidsWallStickers website Article by Jo Philipp,   Why Wall Stickers? Over the last few years wall stickers have become common place in children’s bedrooms. But why is this and what are the advantages of using wall … [Read more...]

Gifts for Girls – April Showcase

Girls of all ages will simply love this cuddly little Charlie Bear

Our April Showcase is Gifts for Girls! We hope you find some lovely gift ideas that girls of different ages would love to receive! £20 Available from Little Footprint Baby Boutique £59.99 Available from The Dolls … [Read more...]

201 Stocking Filler Ideas by Santa’s Elves

christmas stocking

Article by Holly Welch,     At, we have lots of experience in filling Christmas stockings and always coming up with new ideas for gifts. Here is our list of 201 different gifts for all the family and we hope that there is some inspiration! Modelling Clay Paint Box – … [Read more...]

The Art of Filling your Christmas Stockings – The Elf Way

christmas stocking

Article by Holly Welch,    Father Christmas is a very busy man and sometimes needs a little help putting together Christmas stockings, which is what we do here at  Here is our guide to the art of Stocking filling so that there is the least amounts of air pockets and loads of lovely lumpy … [Read more...]

Make your own Paper Windmill

Paper Windmill Craft

Article by Mrs Fox’s We used to make paper windmills when I was little.  They are easy to make and are a great craft project for a rainy afternoon. At Mrs Fox’s we organise children’s parties so use windmills as a way to decorate a party venue, add the personal touch to party bags or as a craft that can be done at a … [Read more...]

Mrs Fox’s Guide to Children’s Parties

3 monkeys

Article by Mrs Fox's Children's parties often fill parents with terror and they really shouldn't.  At Mrs Fox’s we are professional children’s party planners and have come up with 3 rules for parents throwing parties for their young children.  They may not be foolproof, but give them a go...   Number … [Read more...]