Mirror Moments!

Mirror Moments

Claire has kindly allowed us to share her poem about the joys she finds in her profession as a face painter. A wonderful and inspiring example of how turning what you enjoy doing into a career can bring such satisfaction! By Claire Guest, Fascinating Faces www.fascinatingfaces.co.uk   Special “mirror moments” are what makes … [Read more...]

Heather Von St. James – Mesothelioma Survivor


A few weeks ago I received an email from Heather asking if we could publish her story and video on our website to help spread the word about mesothelioma,  a rare type of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos and occurs in the thin layer of cells lining the  body's internal organs. We are more than happy to help raise awareness about this … [Read more...]

A Little Bit of Inspiration – Motivational Quotes

Don’t be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality. If you can dream it, you can make it so

There are always times when you question what you are doing and whether it’s worthwhile. There are also times when you just need help to regain focus and to remeber why it was you decided to do what you do! I've no doubt the school holidays have brought all sorts of trials and tribulations especially for those of you juggling work or … [Read more...]

What a difference a year makes…

Blue Murano Glass Pendant

Article by April Luescher www.annasjewellerydesigns.co.uk If anyone had said to me twelve months ago that I’d be doing what I’m doing now, I would never have believed them. I was trickling along quite happily as a wife and mother of two small boys, living in a village on the edge of Southampton Water, working from home with a good, flexible … [Read more...]

My Children Gave Me The Confidence to Start My Own Business

Pink Tea Parties Cupcake

Article by Lea, Pink Tea Parties www.pinkteaparties.com 10 years ago; a very quiet, socially shy, ambitious but not career driven young lady dreamt mostly of becoming a Mum! A little bundle to pour her love upon, she had no idea how much that little bundle would change her life. Determined not to allow her precious babe to follow in her … [Read more...]

My Journey to Baby Number Two


Article by Sally Hall www.dorothyandtheodore.com ‘Let’s have a baby’ I declared one evening to my unsuspecting husband when I got home from work. And so we did. We started trying straight away and I fell pregnant the next month with our beautiful little boy. And so I had assumed that number two would be just as easy. Dalton was five … [Read more...]

Claire’s Crafts – One Mum’s Story of Setting Up Her Own Craft Business

claires crafts

Article by Claire Gibbs - Claire's Crafts www.facebook.com/handmadewithhugs I’m Claire 38 (sadly nearly 39) married for 17 years with two lovely sons, Jack, nearly 13 and Alfie, just turned 9. My boys are my everything and whilst as a mother that's just how I want it to be, it also means quite literally I had let motherhood become my complete … [Read more...]

Saffron Crafts – Created by a mum with a dream to start her own business

Personalised Cotton Gym Bags

By:Kelly Compton www.saffroncrafts.co.uk I am currently a stay at home mum to my three wonderful boys George 11, Oliver 9 and Henry 2. Whilst I love being at home with my boys and all aspects of our family life,  I have always dreamed of going back to work or creating a business, but this has always seemed impossible as I needed to be … [Read more...]

More Than A Mummy…


By: Anna Stocks  www.rdaevents.co.uk I was a University student in 2003 and didn’t consider myself to be the sharpest tool in the box, I managed to just pass my A levels to be able do a degree in Fashion Marketing. Meeting my prince charming in my last year at university we were both passionate and had dreams of life in the fast lane … [Read more...]