Kids Party Cake Pops

Cake Pop

Please note, highlighted text in this article redirects to the relevant product on the website Article courtesy of   Cake Pops have now become an extremely popular party treat, perfect for children’s parties. A fun alternative to cakes and cupcakes, cake pops are presented on a lollipop stick and … [Read more...]

To Party Bag or Not to Party Bag?

party bag for girls

Article by Nicky Carroll   The answer is a resounding YES – not least because you’d probably have a mutiny on your hands if you didn’t provide the children with one of these much loved bags. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed at the thought of buying the bags and the bits and pieces to go in them … [Read more...]

Myth Busting Party Bags


Article by Nicky Carroll   Throwing the perfect children’s party takes a lot of planning. There are many details that you will need to take care of and one important task is putting together party bags for the guests to take home. If my children are anything to go by, emptying the contents of your party … [Read more...]

Party Games for Older Children

Consequences Game

Following the popularity of last years post 'Stuck for Kids Christmas Party Game Ideas?' by Best Kids Party giving some wonderful ideas of how to keep the little ones entertained during  festive season parties, we've be trying to find some great party games that will appeal to older children. Ages 7 to teens.   The Name Game Each … [Read more...]

Top Tips For Booking a Professional Facepainter


Article by Claire Guest, Fascinating Faces Face painting is always a popular activity choice for parties, fetes, corporate events and fund raisers.  The face painters’ “tent” frequently has the longest queue and is a fantastic attraction to encourage families to attend. Budgets are often tight for … [Read more...]

Make your own Paper Windmill

Paper Windmill Craft

Article by Mrs Fox’s We used to make paper windmills when I was little.  They are easy to make and are a great craft project for a rainy afternoon. At Mrs Fox’s we organise children’s parties so use windmills as a way to decorate a party venue, add the personal touch to party bags or as a craft that can be done at a … [Read more...]

Mrs Fox’s Guide to Children’s Parties

3 monkeys

Article by Mrs Fox's Children's parties often fill parents with terror and they really shouldn't.  At Mrs Fox’s we are professional children’s party planners and have come up with 3 rules for parents throwing parties for their young children.  They may not be foolproof, but give them a go...   Number … [Read more...]

Please Can I Have a Party for My Birthday?

Children's Party

Article By Razia Smith from Best Kids Party   It’s that time of year again and after much nagging from your little one throughout the year you’ve finally given in agreed to throw a birthday party, even though it only seems like a few weeks since their last birthday! With the economic downturn, money is tight but at … [Read more...]

Setting Up a Pamper Party Business – My First Year In Business

Children's Pamper Parties Oxfordshire

Article by Karen Paine I was a Primary school teacher for ten years. After the birth of my third baby three years ago, I decided to stop teaching. Everyone thinks teaching is the ideal job to fit in with children and family life. But it isn't. A teacher's work is truly never done...planning, marking, … [Read more...]

Stuck for Kids Christmas Party Game Ideas?

Christmas Lucky Dip

If you’ve decided to throw a Christmas Party for a group of children this year and you are stuck for great kid’s party game ideas, then here are some fun ideas and suggestions that will keep them well and truly entertained.   Simple, traditional party games can be adapted to suit a particular theme, so as it’s a Christmas party you … [Read more...]

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