Will breastfeeding be easier second time around? – One Mum’s Positive Experience

Feed Me Mummy Breastfeeding

Article by Marianne Valiente, founder of Feed Me Mummy www.feedmemummy.co.uk       If like me, you had a terrible time breastfeeding your first baby, a few questions on your mind when thinking about a second baby will probably be; will it be the same second time round?  Will I have the same problems? Do I even bother trying … [Read more...]

Too Old for Topshop? The Joys of Shopping When You’re No Longer in Your Twenties!

Vintage Books

Article By Lizzy Farmer https://twitter.com/LizzywLizzy I want to wear pink eyeliner. I am thirty. Is this okay?! Arrghhh!! You know you are getting older when you have to weigh up if you will look a wee bit ‘mutton’ in trending fashion such as the wonderful ‘River Island’ displays on totally unrealistically proportioned … [Read more...]

What’s Mummy’s most important job? “To keep me safe”

D & T Apron

Article by Sally Hall www.dorothyandtheodore.com I often refer to Dalton as my puppy.  He needs lots of fresh air and exercise or woe-betide me come bed time which can easily slip till 11pm if he’s had none of the above and any of the c stuff (chocolate!). But I will be the first to admit that I am the biggest worry wart when it comes to … [Read more...]

The Best Advice Your Mother Gave You

As part of our Celebrating Mother's Day we would love for you to share the best piece of advice your mother gave you, please see the bottom of the page for how to get involved. Here is the advice our shared so far:   From Tea&Biscotti, http://teaandbiscotti.com The best advice my mum ever gave me (and still does often) is that … [Read more...]

For those Mumpreneurs out there – Keep going, even when you want to give up!

Fitness with Becky Lane

Article by Becky Lane http://fitnesswithbeckylane.com Hi, my name is Becky Lane I am a fitness entrepreneur and have an 18 month year old daughter.  Do you ever feel that you are juggling too many balls at once, feel like you have no one to bounce ideas off, feel like all you want to do is give up? Then keep reading because you are not … [Read more...]

My Children Love to Help Me Test My Products

Product Testing

Article by Sarah, Angelhorizons   I have four smiling faces covered in cookie dough and multi coloured blobs of icing adorn children and surfaces alike. It’s the middle of the half term holidays and believe it or not I am working. I started my business as a way to keep my children’s growing feet covered and although we are a very small … [Read more...]

My Children Gave Me The Confidence to Start My Own Business

Pink Tea Parties Cupcake

Article by Lea, Pink Tea Parties www.pinkteaparties.com 10 years ago; a very quiet, socially shy, ambitious but not career driven young lady dreamt mostly of becoming a Mum! A little bundle to pour her love upon, she had no idea how much that little bundle would change her life. Determined not to allow her precious babe to follow in her … [Read more...]

Setting Up a Pamper Party Business – My First Year In Business

Children's Pamper Parties Oxfordshire

Article by Karen Paine www.pamperpartiesoxfordshire.co.uk I was a Primary school teacher for ten years. After the birth of my third baby three years ago, I decided to stop teaching. Everyone thinks teaching is the ideal job to fit in with children and family life. But it isn't. A teacher's work is truly never done...planning, marking, … [Read more...]

Claire’s Crafts – One Mum’s Story of Setting Up Her Own Craft Business

claires crafts

Article by Claire Gibbs - Claire's Crafts www.facebook.com/handmadewithhugs I’m Claire 38 (sadly nearly 39) married for 17 years with two lovely sons, Jack, nearly 13 and Alfie, just turned 9. My boys are my everything and whilst as a mother that's just how I want it to be, it also means quite literally I had let motherhood become my complete … [Read more...]

Winter, winter here we come, when there’s snow lets have some fun!

rain shine

Article by: Laura www.rain-shine.co.uk   British weather is THE BEST! Some of my best days can be the ones where the sun ISN’T splitting the sky! Why?  Snowy days where the kids have got all dressed up in their all-in-one snowsuits and we have gone outside to have a snowball fight or to build a snowman. There is something extra … [Read more...]

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