An Interview With…Kelly Robinson – K. A. Robinson Photography

Baby sleeping in basket

This Spring we are delighted to bring you a series of interviews from mums running a variety of businesses, we hope these interviews will inspire you as well answer some questions you may have about what it's like to be a mum in business. The first interview in our series is with Kelly Robinson from K. A. Robinson Photography. We thank Kelly for … [Read more...]

Simple Way to Resize Photographs

Re-size in paint

We've received a couple of emails recently asking for help on re-sizing photographs. So hopefully this little post will help. Sometimes websites, like this one :), have maximum limits when asking for photos to be uploaded via contact forms, for example when submitting an item for our showcase or photos for our business directory. You may also … [Read more...]

Professional Portrait Photography – What are you paying for?


Article by Sue Kennedy, It’s a question I am continually asked: if you can buy a print of one of your own shots for 15p on the high street, why does a professional portrait session cost so much? Well, let me see if I can offer something of an explanation. If you want to have your hair cut for a special occasion, or … [Read more...]

Business Portraits as a Business-Building Tool

Baby, child and family photography by Sue Kennedy

Article by Sue Kennedy, The Value of a Good Photograph Do you need a professional business portrait? Your first answer might be “no”, but; Do you have a website? Does it include a bit about you (a biography)? Do you publish a blog? Do you or will you ever issue press releases? Does your company have a … [Read more...]

The Importance of a Professional Newborn Photographer and Photo Shoot

Newborn Photography

Article by Leandri Perry Once you have given birth to your bundle of joy - all you want to do is share the news, right? You now have access to so many channels - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more, but do you have the right photographer and do you shoot your baby at the right age? Did you know … [Read more...]

‘Quintessentially British’ – Vote for your Favourite Photo

Gorgeous natural light Girl with Bluebells & Union Jack dress

  The Voting is now closed and the Photograph with the most votes is 18. Gorgeous natural light, Girl with Bluebells & Union Jack dress by Tracy Williams Studio Photography, Below are the entries for our Photograph Competition! Please click on the image thumbnails to open the image gallery, this will enable you to see a … [Read more...]

Photography Competition – ‘Quintessentially British’

MTM smaller

Submission period for entries now closed please see vote for your favourite. Our Wedding Cake competition was another brilliant voting competition, the entries were of the highest standard and the thought, effort and skill that had gone in to the creations was incredible. The competition was extremely popular and the it was so close … [Read more...]

Watermarking Your Photographs

Aloha Photography Watermarking Photographs

Article By Aloha Photography     There is a lot of debate and worry around at the moment regarding images being “taken” from facebook pages of items that have been created and then used on someone else’s facebook page as being passed off as their work. Quite rightly this has caused upset … [Read more...]

Making the most of your products – A brief guide to product photography


Article By: Aloha Photography     What sort of image? One of the first questions I ask clients is where the images will be used. This is the most important thing to establish as this dictates the type of shot you need. The main places that images are used are as follows: · PR – used in … [Read more...]